Trala: Learn Violin

Play your first song in just 30 minutes.

Learn Violin with the Trala App

Trala is the most effective way to learn the violin. Play your first song in 10 minutes, or accelerate your current practice to new levels. Trala is the only app that can actually listen while you play violin and give real-time feedback!

Trala helps violinists at every skill level, from picking up your first violin to improving your technique and broadening your musical repertoire. Trala also makes a great supplement to private violin music lessons or orchestral rehearsals by making more efficient use of valuable practice time.


  • Watch video tutorials from renowned violinists that will teach you the essential skills for mastering the violin

  • Get immediate feedback on your form, pitch, tone, intonation, melody and rhythm with Trala’s proprietary real-time audio processing technology

  • Learn how to read sheet music and tune your violin with the Trala violin tuner

  • Live chat with a trained instructor anytime you have a question about any violin lesson


  • Strengthen your tone quality, dynamics, and vibrato

  • Incorporate new rhythms and notes into your playing by learning new songs across a variety of genres

  • Practice advanced violin scales and etudes

  • Master tricky passages in advanced pieces from a library of 200+ concertos, symphonies and etudes

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