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A unique tool for all ages to practice violin

Developed by professional violinists, Trala is the only instructional tool that listens to you play your real violin and gives you instant feedback!

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Instant Feedback

Rapidly improve your pitch and rhythm skills. Trala tells you what to play and listens to the sound of your real violin to correct your mistakes.

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Fun and simple tutorials

Learn posture, string crossings, scales, tone quality, vibrato, sheet music, and scores of classical songs with fun, easy to follow tutorials by professional violinists.

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Make serious progress

Start as an absolute beginner and progress to playing violin concertos and partitas. Trala has over 300 high-quality violin lessons that go step-by-step from holding the violin to playing advanced pieces.

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Stay in tune

Trala has loads of additional tools including a library of sheet music, an audio practice journal, and the most user-friendly violin tuner on the App Store.

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