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Story behind the infographic

At Trala, we started interviewing violin teachers in 2015. We had heard somewhere that 4 out of 5 musicians quit their instruments. We wanted to test this statement, so I called up my old violin teacher, Jenny, and sat down to hear her story. Then we called around our hometowns to interview parents of musicians and other teachers.

What we heard was an outpouring of pain and frustration. If you’re a teacher, student, or parent, some of these sentences might sound familiar:

I fight with my daughter all the time when it comes to violin. It’s like pulling teeth to get her to practice.

I lie to my teacher about how much I practice.

I wish my students would practice more.

I hate practicing.

This was the beginning of Trala. The four of us who work on Trala decided to tackle the quitting issue. We entered a National Science Foundation program which encouraged us to continue doing research. We called and emailed every violin teacher whose contact info we could find, hung out at the People’s Music School in Chicago and the Illinois Summer Youth Music Camp at the University of Illinois, and messaged every single Trala user in order to figure out why most people quit, and why some do not. Each interview lasted between 30 minutes and 2 hours either in person, over the phone, or via videocall. We also sent a survey to over two hundred teachers.

And we found something crazy: the number which started us on this journey, that 4/5ths of musicians quit? Turns out that for violinists, it’s even worse. Ninety percent of people who pick up a violin and try to learn it quit.

The issue magnified itself in our minds, which is when Trala as a product emerged. From our interviews, we not only figured out what people’s pains were, but we heard lots of solutions as well. The Trala App is a combination of everyone’s ideas—the ideas not only university violin professors and world-famous soloists but also of small-town private teachers and individual kids learning Suzuki Book 2.

We’re going to keep talking to everyone we meet about music. It’s what we do. My favorite data point? Every single teacher we talked to said they love their job. Maybe we can change that 90% quit rate to 80%. If we did, a hundred thousand more people would be playing violin!

Happy Practicing,

Jason, Lauren, Sam, and Vish from Trala



Thank you:

Alex Noddings, Jenny Cappelli, Rudolf Haken, Stefan Milenkovich, Noa Kageyama, Helen Callus, Sarah Djordjevic, Louis Bergonzi, Erin Cano, Stacia Spencer, Michael Mascari, Rhona Reagen, Aaron Jacobs, Enrique Vilaseco, Debbie Haferkamp, Samantha O'Connell, Sister Marie-Therese Swiezynski, Andra Prewett, Ryan Beauchamp, Linda Veleckis Nussbaum, Jay Pike, Karen Zethmayr, Linda, Carol Waldvogel, Andrew d'Allemand, Samantha Nelson, Sharon Rothstein, Tanya Satteson, LaVonne Senn, Sarah Larsen, Karianne Waterland, Jeremy Swider, Ruth, Teresa Campbell, Lucinda Marvin, Robert Bradshaw, Amanda Ramey, Amy Harris, Leah Givelber, Leslie Hamel, Nancy Kurr, Donna Curry, Jess Lex, Erika Zelada, Bruce Morrow, Kendy Johnson from William Harris Lee, Michael Spadaro and Andrew from A440 Violin Shop, Elizabeth Trower, Susan Rozendaal, Stacey Turner, Elizabeth Meyer, Erin Rohrbein, Nobuaki Tanaka, Julie Fischer, Ann Montzka-Smelser, Constance Deal, Kevin Radzinski, Amy Renzulli, Tim Leeming, Anke Weekes, Carol Janossy, Jim Sobosan, Monica Segura and 1,400 more of you who shared your stories with us! 

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