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How Trala Will Change Music Education

Most people believe they can’t pick up a violin and start playing. And for the most part, they’re right. It’s extremely difficult to get proper instruction, and when they find it, it’s expensive: $200/month for the average lesson. There exist a few online tutorials for violinists, but nothing in the realm of guitar and piano. 

The same is going on for all classical instruments. They’re being used more and more in pop music, but true learning of an instrument is decreasing. It’s seen as a way to help students to get into college—in fact, some parents understand music-learning as nothing more than an investment. The top violinists all started playing before their memory begins—they literally do not remember their first three years of practicing the instrument.

I want to build a new future for musicians of all types. I want to open up the world of instrument-playing to everyone. I want to spark confidence in anyone who wants to experience the joy of playing music and fight with them every minute of practice until they hit their goals. I’m here with you, empowering you with tools that get better every day and a community that gets stronger every minute. 

I’ve sat in on 8 am high school orchestra rehearsals where half the students are sleeping at their stands and the concertmaster bursts into tears when I ask her, “How’s violin going?” (really, that happened). 

We’re all so, so isolated, and music brings us together without fail. Who among us doesn’t smile when seeing someone own their instrument, even if they don’t play perfectly? Who among us wouldn’t like to create beautiful music and then share it with others?

I’m coming for the hidden musicians all around the world, the people who sing when nobody is listening, sing to themselves alone in the car, and pick up the old guitar and fiddle around in the dark for a few minutes until their fingers hurt. I’m coming for you!

Here's what you'll see in 2018 for Trala:

  • A community of violinists come together to inspire each other

  • People playing music they never believed they could play

  • A cultural funneling of positive energy in and around Trala which encourages new people to pick up an instrument

  • Trala becomes the #1 teacher of violin in the world.

Mark my words! Quote 'em back! We're coming!

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Sam Walder