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"Violins vs. Ice Cream" Video Contest Winner Announced

We Called, Violinists Around the World Responded

Trala’s intention in launching the “Violins vs. Ice Cream” Video Contest was to bring awareness to a virtually unknown and very unique holiday: Ice Cream & Violins Day on December 13.

We knew that violinists would be passionate about rooting for #TeamViolin, but we were absolutely blown away by the response we got. We literally received video submissions from across the United States and as far away as Nigeria and Iraq.

“When the End Times descend upon Earth,” said Sam Walder, Trala CEO, “and we need to choose sides in a post-apocalyptic battle, I'm going to be running with #TeamViolin."

Inordinate Effort Sunk Into #TeamViolin, Hilarious Results

The winner for #TeamViolin is Beau Boutwell. For his ridiculously dedicated parody video of “The Sound of Silence,” Beau, his wife and child minions, and his terrifyingly deep voice win an electric violin. Congratulations, Beau.

Beau Boutwell submitted the winning video for #TeamViolin in Trala's "Violins vs. Ice Cream" video contest celebrating "Ice Cream & Violins Day" (December 13).

Too Much Talent

There were so many great submissions in support of #TeamViolin that we’ve designated two videos with Honorable Mentions. Each of these creators will receive a $100 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Gift Card. Congratulations to Trala user Alexis and Brandon Sanchez Rojas.

Why Not Both?

why not both.gif

Many violinists voiced that they intended to continue enjoying violins and ice cream. And we agree. Why not both?

In the end, it doesn’t matter how this holiday came to be. At Trala, we’ll continue to celebrate the joy that violins and ice cream bring to the world. Uniquely together.