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How to Learn Violin 3x Faster

What if I told you keeping an audio practice diary could help you learn violin three times as fast?

It’s true! Trala users who log their progress in our built-in diary move through lessons three times as fast as people who don’t log their progress. What’s more, those users are twice as likely to keep practicing one month later!

What is a practice diary, and why does it help?

An audio practice diary is a collection of short recordings you make each time you practice that gives you an idea of where you are that day.

It’s important to keep a practice diary for three reasons:

1)     A practice diary provides a sense of progress. Day after day, week after week, practicing the same scales over and over again, can be a slog. It’s extraordinarily easy to lose sight of the big picture and forget where you came from. With an audio practice diary, you can hear exactly how you sounded two months ago and compare that to where you are today. There is nothing more motivating than hearing real results.

2)     You pick out mistakes that otherwise would go unnoticed—forever. When you are playing your instrument, there is so much going on that you cannot keep track of your mistakes. When you listen to a recording of yourself, you are able to focus all your energy on listening. You can make major improvements through the simple practice of listening to a recording of yourself.

3)     A practice diary makes it easy to share the progress you’ve made. We found that users who share their progress are significantly more motivated to keep playing, and the audio practice diary is the perfect vessel for sharing. We even made it Commandment 10 of The 10 Commandments of Practicing Violin!

What do I put in my diary?

You can record anything, but we suggest something simple, like a scale or a short section of a piece you’re working on. 20 seconds is fine.

Sometimes just playing long bows on an open string is enough.

You’ll be surprised how drastically your sound quality can change over time. What was previously scratchy and thin becomes full-bodied and resonant.

What if I miss some days?

Whatever! Don’t worry—like everything in music, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Play on!

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