Trala: Learn Violin
Learn violin with the Trala app!

Marketing Associate

Help build a global consumer brand from scratch.

The company

Trala’s mission is to make world class music education available to everyone on Earth.

Our first product is software that teaches anyone how to play the violin through tutorial videos from famous violinists and technology that listens to users play their real instruments. 

Over the course of 2 years, we have organically grown to 150,000 downloads and support from some of the most famous violinists in the world. Our users are ages 7 to 70 and live in rural Montana, Syria, tiny Pacific islands, Hong Kong, and of course, Chicago.  They’re not businesses or governments, they’re people.  They’ve dreamt of learning violin for years and we’re fulfilling those dreams.  They say things like this to us:

“I had never progressed this far no matter what I did. I just want to say thank you. You made my dream come true.”

The job

Marketing Associate. Help build a global consumer brand from scratch. Work with the CEO and Head of Growth to execute on the challenging and exhilarating work that will grow Trala from 10k to 1M monthly active users.

If you enjoy:

  • Using every email as an opportunity to push forward the English language

  • Doing the dirty work

  • Working with world-class musicians

  • Doing this alongside some of the hardest working creatives youll ever meet…

…you might be a fit.

Your time will be split roughly between:

  • Managing all communications with our userbase

  • Executing on deal flow with new and existing partners

  • Cultivating Trala’s external presence—social media, website, and SEO

  • Coordinating events like our big launch in mid-December alongside famous violinists

What we’re looking for in a candidate:

  • 2+ years proven track record in marketing or client management

  • Excellent writer

  • Crazy about details to the point that you find the typo in this job description

  • Self-accountable and organized, with an emphasis on follow-through

  • Digital marketing skills a plus

  • Hard working and dedicated

  • Musical experience

What you’ll get from us in return:

  • Inclusive, authentic, inquisitive coworkers.

  • Ability to deeply impact thousands of people all across the world. These are dreams you’ll be fulfilling. Not “leveraged data monetization” or whatever the fuck value Facebook claims to provide these days.

  • Access to a wealth of in-house knowledge on building product, user psychology, signal processing, marketing, and growth.

  • Freedom to contribute to other parts of the business that interests you. All our product, growth, and marketing meetings are open to everyone.

  • We will have your back. Be weird. Be you.

The team

  • Sam: CEO. Violinist and engineer. Mastermind behind Trala’s musical pedagogy. Uses words like ‘pedagogy’.

  • Vish: CTO. Can code anything. Winner of 4 national hackathons. Has eaten a Death Sandwich and survived.

  • Chen: Lead UI/UX Designer. Fashionable, like all good visual designers. Looking at her designs is like getting winked at by your celebrity crush.

  • Josh: Senior Software Engineer. Submarine Operator —> Patent Lawyer —> Software Engineer —> Spy?? Currently rebuilding the Hagia Sophia with napkins.

  • Jon: Software Engineer. Jazz piano player of 16 years but he might be lying about that. Picks up new instruments like Josh picks up napkins. Wants to play music with you.

  • Jennifer: Head of Growth. Started and sold a startup back in the day. Said it was “easy”.

  • Geoff: Pro violinist. In four bands. Or five. It’s hard to keep track.

  • Rachael: Pro violinist. Probably played at that white-tie gala we weren’t invited to.

  • Llama: Where the fuck did the llama come from? Play it cool. [whispered through teeth] Play. It. Cool.

  • You: Shrouded in mystery (for now).

Why Trala?

  • Trala is a temple of learning. Make mistakes, iterate quickly, and grow faster than you would anywhere else.

  • Trala is a family. Never eat lunch alone. If the mob comes looking for you we will hide you in the ceiling.

  • Trala is funded by amazing people like the LinkedIn and Duolingo CEOs. These folks are leaders in growth and app monetization and are our mentors. They can be your mentors, too.

  • Competitive pay; work in a beautiful, music-filled office in downtown Chicago.

  • Check out our CEO pitching to a room full of investors here.

To apply, reach out to with your resume and a link to something you’re proud of.