Trala: Learn Violin
Learn violin with the Trala app!


Got skills but unsure where you fit? This is for you.

The company

Trala is building software that teaches anyone how to play the violin through tutorial videos and signal processing that listens to users play their real violins and gives instant feedback on every mistake.  This is crazy-hard and requires us to solve new problems in signal processing, app design, user psychology, and education. 

Over 2 years, we have organically grown Trala to 150,000 downloads, a worldwide userbase, and support from some of the most famous violinists in the world. Our users are ages 7 to 70 and live in rural Montana, Syria, tiny Pacific islands, Hong Kong, and of course, Chicago.  They’re not businesses or governments, they’re people.  They’ve dreamt of learning violin for years and we’re fulfilling those dreams. 

Why we work

  • Our users are people, not businesses or the government.

  • Our product is fulfilling these peoples’ lifelong dreams. Not “leveraging data monetization” or whatever the fuck value Facebook claims to provide these days.

  • We grew up in Techstars Chicago and now we’re generating revenue. Our investors include the CEOs of Linkedin and Duolingo.

The team

  • Sam: Violinist and engineer. Mastermind behind Trala’s musical pedagogy. Uses words like ‘pedagogy’.

  • Vish: Can code anything. Winner of 4 national hackathons. Has eaten a Death Sandwich and survived.

  • Chen: Visual designer. Fashionable, like all good visual designers. Looking at her designs is like getting winked at by your celebrity crush.

  • Josh: Senior software engineer. Was on a submarine for 10 years. They finally let him off but occasionally we see a periscope out of the corner of our eye and he ducks under a table. Currently rebuilding the Hagia Sophia with napkins.

  • Jon: Software engineer. Jazz piano player of 16 years but he might be lying about that [Update: HE’S REALLY GOOD]. Picks up new instruments like Josh picks up napkins.

  • Jennifer: Head of growth. Started and sold a startup back in the day. Said it was “easy”.

  • Geoff: Pro violinist. In four bands. Or five. It’s hard to keep track.

  • Rachael: Pro violinist. Probably played at that white-tie gala we weren’t invited to.

  • Llama: Where the fuck did the llama come from? Why does it keep staring at me? Play it cool.

  • You: Shrouded in mystery (for now).

Why Trala?

  • Trala is a temple of learning. Make mistakes, iterate quickly, and grow faster than you would anywhere else.

  • Trala is a family. Never eat lunch alone and if the mob comes looking for you we will hide you in the ceiling.

  • Trala is funded by amazing people like the LinkedIn and Duolingo CEOs. These folks are leaders in growth and app monetization and are our mentors. They can be your mentors, too.

  • You’ll be paid well, have free medical/dental/vision, and get to work in a beautiful, music-filled office in downtown Chicago.

  • P.S. want to know more about Trala? Watch this.

To apply, send your resume and a link to something you’re proud of to