Trala: Learn Violin
Learn violin with the Trala app!


It takes a lot to learn! If you’re just getting started learning the violin here is our recommended setup.

Necessities for Beginners

Music Stand

Use this to hold your music, pencil, and anything else you might need while practicing!

We recommend -

Violin + Bow

A little obvious. The right quality violin will make your learning process more enjoyable and easier. A bad quality violin can really mess up your ability to learn and play, so make sure you start strong. You don’t need a $1000 violin at the beginning, but you can get a quality instrument for $200-$400.

We recommend - PARTNER -
We recommend - PARTNER -


Rosin quality matters tremendously in giving you control over your sound and tone quality.

We recommend -

Shoulder Rest

For comfort, make sure to have an adjustable shoulder rest to hold your instrument under your chin. Some people with shorter necks use a sponge.

We recommend - The classic and trusted brand, used by students in school orchestras across the globe.

We ALSO recommend - A more modern, ergonomic take on the classic shoulder rest. Sam’s favorite.

Violin Tuner

There are plenty of free apps out there, and Trala has a wonderful built-in tuner. However, some people like having a physical tuner as well. Make sure to tune before every practice session!

We recommend -

Violin Case

Keep your violin, bow, music, wallet, pet cat (well, maybe not the cat) safe in a case. 

We recommend - Bam has beautiful designs in many styles: lightweight, extra-cushioned, compact, with and without backpack straps…you’ll find something fitting your needs!

Soft Cloth

Use a soft cloth to clean your strings and the body of the violin of excess rosin. It helps keep your instrument at its best (not to mention shiny). Sometimes these come in the case with new violins, but you’ll need a replacement once it gets gunked with rosin.

We recommend -


Extraordinary differences in tone quality come from different strings. You may want to try out several types, but most violinists, once they land on one type that they love, will swear by it for their whole career.

We recommend D’Addario strings-

Practice Mute

A practice mute goes on the bridge of your violin and dampens the vibrations for a softer (muted) sound. Perfect for playing in hotel rooms, apartments, secret spy missions, or anywhere you don’t want to be heard.

We recommend - Literally amazon

Free Violin Sheet Music

Are you a composer? Looking for a special arrangement of your favorite piece? Want to transpose a piece to a better key? Musescore is the place to go! Musescore is a composition software where users compose and upload their music for new pieces or different covers.

Pretty much every public-domain piece is here. If you’re looking for classical music, the sheet music will almost certainly be on IMSLP. When Sam discovered it as a sophomore in high school, he felt like someone had just given him the gift of a lifetime.

Jamie Laval’s Fiddle Tune Library

Jamie Laval is a world-renowned Scottish/Irish fiddler, and his favorite Old World tunes live here, free to download.